Bosk Head Tavern: Slave Information



  • Tavern girls are wildly uninhibited and are expected to be alluring and sexually enticing. However, handling the girls without paying will result in a penalty to the customer.
  • In general, Gorean slaves were not allowed to withhold any service, and this is particularly true in the Tavern. A Tavern girl may be expected to do anything from crawling on the floor like an animal to being shared around among the customers to wrestling naked with another slave to dancing, as well as serving drinks and food and generally wenching among the customers. Boundaries will be virtually non-existent. If this is a problem, let  the First Girl (Zizi) know and she will speak to the Free see about selling you as a common Post slave.
  • Any Free may give minor discipline for slights both real and imagined. It is not a slave’s place to question discipline. HOWEVER, such discipline may not exceed a backhand in passing or an OTK spanking at the worst. Beyond this, a slave will be caged and the details of the infraction provided to Zizi for her to speak to the Free regarding the determination on the discipline a slave will be given. Zizi may discipline a Tavern slave herself, or, if the infraction is serious enough, may pass the information upwards for the Tavern Owner to deal with. If you think Zizi’s discipline is harsh, don’t count on things being easier with Ashov.
  • It is up to the Tavern owner how a slave is punished. The slave has no say in the matter. Punishment may be mild or severe, depending on Mina’s determination on the matter. It is possible that, if the infraction is a persistent one or if it is extremely serious, that the slave will be killed.
  • Ashov does not FREE Tavern slaves. They are either sold or killed. If you are in a Tavern collar, and you are found unsatisfying, these will be your options.


1. The last words you have in any disagreement with a Free is yes Master/Mistress. Remember the free may not always be right but they are by definition never WRONG. In other words unless an explanation is asked for don’t give one.

2. If you are here looking for sex then you have come to the right place. Girls who are discovered to be useless for anywhere else can always find use as a five-minute girl, chained in one of the alcoves to be used for the price of a CTB.

3. All of the slaves in Bosk Head Tavern are busy. There are guests to be served (whether there are people in the room roleplaying or not, there are ALWAYS people getting paga and food and such. Girls who aren’t serving, are clumsy, are lazy, or are under discipline will be chained on long coffles on their knees, scouring the floors, benches, tables, hearths, and cleaning out the bathrooms.

4. Dress for a standard Tavern slave will be yellow paga tavern silks and a yellow, enameled Tavern collar {Property of Bosk Head Tavern}. All girls will be belled. Slaves are automatically branded as part of their purchase if they were not previously branded. All slaves will wear the BHIT collar. Many slaves will be kept nude in chains or sirik at Ashov’s command and may be required to serve that way both in the Tavern and on outside duties (for example, in the Market on Market Days).

  • Quotes on yellow silks –There were the men at the tables, the girls, in slave bells and yellow silk, serving them. Hunters of Gor Book 8 Page 55She came through the kitchen door, in the tiny slip of diaphanous yellow silk allotted to paga slaves, bells locked on her left ankle. She was doubtless returning to the floor after her rest, to freshen her for further service. I had not seen her before. She carried a vessel of paga. She was barefoot on the tiles. Hunters of Gor Book 8 Page 56Her fists clenched in the slave bracelets. Her collar, yellow and enameled, shone in the darkness, at her throat. Her hair, a black sheen, loose, fell over her shoulders, and to the small of her back. She was beautiful in the bit of yellow silk. She pulled at the bracelets. Then she relaxed. Hunters of Gor Book 8 Page 58She still wore the chains I had put her in. The bit of yellow silk, crumpled, soaked with sweat, lay to one side. “How does it feel to be a paga slave?” I asked. She turned her head to one side. Hunters of Gor Book 8 Page 59Ibn Saran, watching the yellow-silked, collared slave dance, sipped his hot, black wine. Tribesmen of Gor Book 10 Page 92“Greetings, Teela,” said the girl who now stood beside me, who had come, like myself, from the tavern. She, like I, wore slave bells on her left ankle, brief, parted yellow silk, the house collar. Slave Girl of Gor Book 11 Page 294

5. All Free persons are to be addressed as either Master or Mistress. If the sex of the Free person can not be determined from the name, Master is to be used until the gender is clarified.

6. If there are none requiring service, see rule 3. If you don’t find work for yourself, a Free will find it for you. If Mina, Ashov, or Kipp have to find you work, you won’t enjoy what they find for you to do.

7. Everyone is to be served, slaves do not get to pick and choose who they will or will not serve. No exceptions! Free Women ARE allowed in Bosk Head Inn and Tavern, though they are rarely seen on the gaming floors or in the bar. However, it is not a slave’s place to judge who is where. If they are present, they will be treated with the utmost respect as any other Free and will be served according to their preferences. If there is an issue concerning their behavior, Ashov or Taltos will deal with it, and there had better not be a complicating issue because a slave behaved disrespectfully. Regardless of the Free’s behavior, slaves -will- be disciplined for all infractions. A slave is never right unless the Free say that she (or he) is.

8. You will learn and know the common slave positions. I know, they’re old hat… but in the Tavern, you’ll be doing them. If for no other reason than to show off for the customers. So learn them. Bonus points to the ones who show me their creative potential through their descriptions of their bodies and taking their positions. If you can’t pose, then you’re probably scrubbing floors or chained as a coin-girl in an alcove. If you don’t know them get another slave to teach them to you. Ignorance won’t excuse you from work, but it WILL excuse you from any chance of a better position on the coffle. The Tavern definitely encourages competition among its slaves.

9. While normally, an Owner takes no interest in the squabbles of slaves, it being beneath the Free, Ashov DOES have a particular interest in the squabbles of his slaves. In fact, he’ll pay a BINA to any girl who turns in a sister’s wrongdoing. Why, you ask? Because he decides who is in the right and who is in the wrong, and the one he decides is in the wrong is set into a mud-wallow, and must roll around, naked, in the mud to entertain the guests — and said slave is required to mud-wrestle with the other girls on the coffle and LOSE, to be tossed among the guests of the Tavern to be used at their whim like the beast that she is.

10. Room rules require that you not wear open leg shots when it comes to Av’s. Even in the Tavern, please abide by the room rules on this matter. You may be as lewd and demonstrative as you wish with your POSTS, but keep the avatars within room limits. Since the slave’s DISPLAYS are more important to the Free of the room than the avatars, please keep the avatars for Tavern slaves within these limits. No new slave will be granted either clothing (avatars) or a name until Ashov decides that she is worth keeping. He’s found that having to earn one’s decorations makes a slave work harder. Zizi, the Tavern First Girl, will enforce this rule by publicly stripping any girl found to be using tavern cloth to cover herself.

11. A Tavern slave does not discuss the conditions in regard to her collar. Any questions about a slave and her ownership need to be directed to Ashov, Taltos Bladewing, or Mina Bladewing, directly. Remember — decisions to buy and sell a slave do not rest with the slave. It is the Owner’s prerogative.

12: All Tavern slaves have been given slave wine the MOMENT they became Bosk Head Tavern slaves. Consider it part of your purchase. You will never be given Breeding Wine. Ever. Therefore, there is no way you will ever become pregnant while you’re in a Tavern collar.
Slave Wine will be automatically renewed as needed. Again, it is presumed. Just because it may not be RP’d out in the room doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

13: This rule is both OOC and IC. I will NOT require a slave in a Tavern collar to sit in the room diddling around if the room is completely empty for hours on end. HOWEVER, if I’m in there all day and I don’t see you once, and this is documented over time, I’ll declare you killed and tossed to the sleen, larls, or tarsk. If you don’t intend to support the tavern and the room, why bother taking a collar anyway?
That said, girls who DO come in and spend some time trying to attract clientele — especially those who can present me neck-pouches full of pretty coins — will be amply rewarded for their diligence. Just sayin’.

14. All of the Tavern Girls are Yellow Silk, with the following exceptions:

Zizi is the First Girl of the Tavern. Only -one- girl on the coffle who shows outstanding diligence in attendance, creativity in her posting, and skills in creative sexual, dance, and serving artistry with special, decorative silks and set her apart as the Tavern First Girl in the establishment. If she does this, there will only be ONE of them. These slaves will typically be sent away to be formally trained as Pleasure Slaves, with all of the benefits accorded a slave of such advanced training.

If you want that position, you’d better outperform the current Tavern First Girl. If there IS no Tavern First Girl, you will be required to compete with one of the existing First Girls of the Station (either the Station First Girl or the Bladewing Slaver House First Girl) and exceed the Bladewing’s expectations in the performance to earn the coveted decorative silks and Tavern First Girl position.

The Tavern may also, from time to time, acquire a white-silk girl (a virgin). She’d be kept belted and chained securely, since the Tavern would be keeping this girl’s ‘opening’ as a prize in one of the wagering games or, perhaps, for a special customer or a special sale. Again, there’s likely to be no more than TWO of these in-house. These slaves will ONLY serve in the Walled Garden Outdoor Patio, will ONLY serve in TOWER without heat, and will ONLY serve Free Women.

There is ONE male slave on staff who is never sent to the exhibition pits to fight in the Gladiator Fights. The Tavern uses him mostly for hauling kegs around and doing heavy labor. The Tavern may acquire more than one, occasionally, but they’d only be washed up and passed off as a male silk slave for the right price, so… there’s that. They would rarely serve in that position for longer than they are able to survive in the Gladiator’s Fights in the Amphitheater, so it’s not a permanent posting.

There are male fighting slaves kept for the Gladiator Games for wagers. They may not last long since all Gladiator fights are to the death (Two go in, one comes out, to quote a famous individual). However, if a given gladiator slave turns out to be exceptional and manages to stay alive, well, he will likely be duly rewarded for his competence. Slaves sent to sleen wrestle are nothing special == any male slave may end up peeving a Free off sufficiently to be thrown into the tarsk-wrestling or sleen-wrestling matches. Good luck with that.

15. The general method of handling a Tavern girl who is consistently dis-satisfying is to hand her off to the guards to be either used until she’s dead or bound hand and foot and thrown into the tarsk pen to be fed to the tarsk. Judgment is, as always, at the hands of the Free. This is Gor, and Gor is harsh.