Slave Information: Slave Positions



nadu (1)


This is a kneeling position. The thighs are wide-spread to allow easy visualization of the girl’s attributes. Head is up to display her features. Eyes are down, and do not make eye contact with the Master or Mistress unless the girl is directed to do so. Palms are laid upon the thighs, palm up, hands open.



This is the position in which a girl will serve beverages or food, unless such position would impede a customer’s enjoyment. The girl will kneel, thighs wide-spread. The beverage or food will be raised above the head, held in both hands. Head will be lowered in supplication between the girl’s arms. She will maintain this position until such time as the item has been accepted and she has been given leave to go, OR the item has been refused, at which point she will rise, back away at LEAST three steps from the customer, and THEN turn and make all haste to correct whatever was wrong with the service.


The girl will present herself at the side of the customer’s thigh, head lowered, and hands crossed behind her back or at the back of her neck, according to the customer’s preference. She will yield to being guided over the customer’s knee, thighs parted, ass high in the air, head down. She will NOT move her hands from their designated position, nor will she make any attempt to move from the customer’s lap until such time as she is released to do so.



The slave will lower her head and drop to all fours, and will crawl to the designated location, making sure that her bottom is high and her shoulders are lowered. Ever movement in this position must be sensual, while attaining all proper haste to complete whatever task was set for the slave.


This is another very basic position. She kneels with her palms down on her legs, often with wrists crossed if unoccupied. Her knees are modestly together, back straight, and head held high with eyes lowered in submission. This position is typically reserved for ‘unopened’, Free Women’s slaves, or White silk slave girls, or slaves who serve their Master in a non-sexual way, such as a Tower Slave, female work slave, and thralls.

NOTE: Slaves in the Tavern do not serve in Tower position EXCEPT in the Walled Garden Outdoor Patio where ONLY Free Women are served OR if serving a Free Woman in the Bath. Other than that, if you are inside the tavern itself and kneeling, you are in NADU at all times. 


IF a slave is attempting to obtain the ONE coveted Red Silk position available among the Bosk Head Tavern Tavern girls, she must know -all- of the positions below impeccably, AND must be able to both dance and outshine every other girl in the quality and depth of service.

This, while not technically a command, is still an action the slave should remember. If something is thrown over her head she must remain silent and motionless until freed from it.

The slave lays down upon her back, bending her knees to place her feet flat against the ground, hands at her side and remains motionless.

In this position, a girl is given a coin, something she is not allowed to touch with her fingers. A coin girl, sent to the streets to earn coins for her Owner through sexual service, will wear a small leather bag on a tether, or a box, around her neck. She is to either lift her head and offer the box or if no box she is to hold out her tongue to accept the coin.

She kneels in the bond-maid circle, near the anvil, and leans her body back, sitting upon her heels, with her arms extended upward, crossed at the wrists, and her head beneath them lowered in supplication.
Also called ‘the position of female submission’

Not really a position the command to do whatever the slave has been ordered to do very quickly.

Whipping Position
From kneeling position, she draws the knees together, cross wrists in front of her chest as if for binding. Leaning forward, she places her head on floor, face to the left. Slaves will assume this position to plead forgiveness and beg to be whipped.

This is one of the most basic of all the positions. This is the position a slave is in most of the time, if they is allowed to serve sexually. Kneeling before a Jarl, her head held high with eyes downcast, knees spread wide open, her shoulders are back keeping her back straight, and her breasts thrust outward. Her hands lie on her thighs, palms facing upward, in a signal of her need to please.

This is another very basic position. She kneels with her palms down on her legs, often with wrists crossed if unoccupied. Her knees are modestly together, back straight, and head held high with eyes lowered in submission. This position is typically reserved for underage or White silk slave girls, or slaves who serve their Master in a non-sexual way, such as a Tower Slave, female work slave, and thralls.

This position is used for a variety of reasons, sometimes as punishment. The slave lays on their stomach, face down and turned to the left. Wrists crossed behind the back and ankles are crossed, too, as if for binding.

The slave falls to the floor face down. Her forehead resting flat on the surface and arms at her sides. Legs are widely spread then she crawls to the Free Person on her belly.

This can be done a variety of ways, depending on the position and mood of the Free. The slave will turn away from the FP, her back facing Them, her head held high. Wrists are close together behind her back ready to have slave bracelets attached.

Bracelets Kneeling
A slave kneels, thighs spread wide, back arched, arms extended before her. Wrists are pressed together behind the neck, head held high with eyes lowered submissively.

Bracelets Standing

Standing with feet shoulder-width apart, the slave holds her head high with eyes lowered submissively. Arms are out before her, with wrists pressed together, ready for binding.

She will lower down on all fours with palms to elbows flat on floor. Her ass in the air and forehead close but, not touching the floor, she crawls to just an inch from FP’s feet.

The slave stands, feet flat on the floor, and bows gracefully at the waist, so that the hair might fall forward for display, or to be shorn, seized, or used for any purpose that the Free desires.

A slave goes to the Free and kneels behind Their left foot, awaiting further orders. Note: if the Free is right handed go to the left heel, if left handed go to the right….as the Free moves she/he must remain just behind Their foot, but never come in contact with it at any time.
—This position should never have to be commanded by a Free…it is automatic when a slave follows a Free that they follow in “heel” unless otherwise commanded—

Kneel to the coffle
The slave is kneeling, normally with thighs parted and up on the heels. Lifting either the left or right wrist outwards, depending on the type of coffle, the wrist then can be attached to a wrist ring within the coffle chain

She approaches the Free’s side and bends at the waist, gathering up herhair to present to the FP so They may lead the slave by the hair. This is an alternative to the “heel” position, and is done when commanded or if a slave knows that it is the Owner’s preferred method of leading them about. If she knows it is the preferred method for an Owner, the Owner should never have to command it.

This position is used to attach a leash. The slave kneels with their back to the Free, chin lifted and head turned to the left. Thus offering the collar for leashing. Wrists are behind the slave’s back, ready to be snapped into slave bracelets if needed.

Lesha High
This is similar to lesha except done from a standing position. She stands with her back to a FP. The slave’s hands are crossed at the small of the back, with feet shoulder width apart. Her back and shoulders should be slightly arched so that her breasts are thrusting forward. The head is held high and tilted to the left with eyes lowered in respect and submission.


When a slave is told to nestle they fit themself against the Free’s side, snuggling into the crook of Their arm.

The slave goes to the floor, laying upon their stomach with their face down before the Free. The head is turned and cheek placed against the Free’s feet, kissing them lightly in a gesture of love and submission.

A slave moves to their hands and knees with their legs parted widely. The head is held straight while they are motionless, waiting for the Free’s command and pleasure. For some Owners, the slave will be required to tilt their hips up to better expose themselves.

She kneels and bends at the waist, placing a cheek to the floor. Then she takes the Free’s right foot and place it upon her neck. Placing her arms behind her back, then crossing them at the wrist.

A slave lays on their back with hands at their sides, palms facing upward. Legs are to be spread wide open as the slave awaits a Free’s inspection. On occasion a slave may actually lift their hips from the ground, better exposing themself to the Free.

The slave goes to all fours making sure their back is straight and level. The head is held straight with eyes lowered in submission. The slave should ensure they are stable, so as to not risk spilling the drink or disturbing the Free. They should remain totally motionless. Stability can be increased if a slave ensures the thighs are parted widely and elbows are locked.
Bondage knot
a loose over hand knot tied in the hair over the right side of the face, is a slave girl’s wordless plea to be slave raped by her Master.

Gorean Bow
a slave kneels, thighs spread wide, and leans over backwards until her head touches the floor. She then pulls herself up, arching her back. Her body pulled upwards into a back bend. This exposes a slave’s heat and breasts for her Master’s enjoyment. This postions becomes painful and hard to hold over five minutes. Great care should be taken when releasing the position. Gently and slowly lower yourself down to the floor.

Karta or Obedience
she kneels on the floor, her thighs spread widely to allow her to lay her chest upon the floor, she leans forward placing her breasts and forehead against the floor, she reaches out with her arms fully extended, palms against floor. Ankles may be crossed or uncrossed. This shows utmost respect. Requests may be made from this position.

Master’s kiss
the Master takes her hair in His hand and yanks back her head hard as He pulls back on her hair exposing her neck and face to Him. He attacks her lips with His own kissing her passionately and powerfully, taking her top lip in His teeth He bites down on it and then takes her bottom lip and sucking on it bites down on it as well as he continues to kiss her.. He then kisses her exposed neck.

not really a position but a command. When this command is given, she runs toward her objective, taking short rapid steps, with her legs almost straight, her feet hardly leaving the floor. As she moves her back is straight, her head is turned to the left, and her arms are at her sides, her palms facing outward at a 45 degree angle to her body. Upon reaching her objective she drops gracefully to her knees and typically resumes the position of Nadu.

Second Obedience
the slave lowers herself onto her belly on the floor, she then inches forward remaining low on her belly, reaching the Master licks and kisses the feet, then takes the master foot and places behind her head, then lowers it again, placing another lick and kiss, still on her belly she may inch back a little.

She Sleen
on knees and elbows, clasp hands over head, raise hips, part thighs and arch serve in the manner of the she-sleen a slave is on her hands and knees and must not use her hands for anything, she must use her mouth, she also is forbidden to speak. For some Owners, the girl will be allowed to whimper and beg like an animal for morsels of food, or even to be used.

Slave lips
when this command is given, she turns her head up to the Master, her lips pursed in a sensual kissing position. She remains motionless, her lips thusly puckered, and may not move until she is granted the kiss of a Master.

a command not a position. she turns in a graceful pirouette She then walks, gliding across the room, her feet hardly seeming to leave the floor, her hips swaying sensually, her body erect and proud. When she reaches her objective she halts and stands, her body erect, her shoulders back, her chest thrust forward, her belly in. She turns her hip out a bit, her hands at her sides, and points one foot. Her head is up & eyes lowered.