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Author of two Science Fiction novels and numerous short stories, and a medical writer with credits on three internationally recognized medical textbooks, as well as a number of peer-reviewed journal articles, Storm Weaver is also a (grand)mother, philosopher, dreamer, sustainable gardener, avid sock, lacework, and sweater knitter, and social activist. She has a love for all her many hats, and occasionally wears more than one of them at the same time — along with the occasional pair of Vibram Five Fingers, ‘foot clouds’, or mismatched socks. Shoes, though? Shoes are optional.


Storm basks in the desert sun, thumbing her nose at 100+ degree (F) days. She shares a life with her companion and is young again vicariously through the lives of her four grown children, their loves, their offspring, and their friends. She is a happy introvert, who understands that ‘alone’ does not mean ‘lonely’ and that sometimes there is nothing as comforting as curling up in silence with a good book. Because of this, she writes like she reads — fascinating stories that push boundaries and which require a good bit of consideration to get all the bits and bobs that bubble up from the depths of the story and the hearts of the characters.

Works In Progress


Working Title Genre Pool Length Status
Iliiyan Chronicles 1: Long Walk Home 3rd Edition Sociological Science Fiction Novel Outlining from Published 2nd Edition
Flying Abbadon Steampunk/Science Fantasy Novel First Draft
Worlds of Roulette: Spin The Wheel Future Suspense (collaboration) Novel First Draft
Iliyyan Chronicles 2: If A Tree Falls, 2nd Edition Sociological Science Fiction Novel Pending completion of the IC1 revision
Iliiyan Chronicles 3: One Hand Clapping Sociological Science Fiction Novel Pending Completion of IC1,2 revisions
Worlds of Roulette: Drop The Ball Future Suspense (collaboration) Novel Outlining
Worlds of Roulette: Break the House Future Suspense (collaboration) Novel Pending

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